Welcome to the Frame Corner
Welcome to the Frame Corner
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Framing FAQ's

The following questions may be useful for you to help inspire Kevin in selecting the frame, color of mats, special mat cuts and perform the special effects he creates to enhance your framing.

  • Is the picture going to be a feature piece in your home?

  • Do you want to tie it into an existing color scheme in your home? If so, can you provide swatches or paint tiles that can be mailed along with the art work?

  • Would you prefer to match colors that are in the artwork, if so, what would you prefer to be the main color and can you provide a thread sample of that color?

  • Would you prefer your artwork to appear dramatic with dark rich colors or would you prefer your art work to appear more whimsical with soft subtle colors?

  • Would you like to have designers cuts into the mats? Please note that Kevin designs cuts that are unique to each artwork, no two designs are repeated, if you have a specific design or idea in mind, please provide a legible sample and he will do his best to match it. Most customers prefer to leave the design aspect up to Kevins’ creativity but it is your choice.

  • Would you like to have carvings cut into the top mat? Again, if you have a specific design in mind, please provide a sample and he will again do his best to match it. Most customers prefer to leave the carving design up to Kevins’ creativity but it is your choice.

  • What size of matt would you like. We usually start at 3″ matt and work out from there. If you would like designer cuts, they must start at a 3″ matt.

  • Would you prefer wood or metal for your frame?

  • With wood frames, would you prefer to match wood colors that exist in your home, if so what color would that be?

  • What type of styling do you prefer for your frames? Clean lines with no grain? Clean lines with a small amount of detailing? Ornate Victorian style frames with lots of scallops etc, gilded frames silver/gold. French provincial, rustic urban, rustic, distressed European or modern styling? Would you prefer to e-mail a photo of the area that you hope to hang it and let us make the choices based on what we see?

  • What type of glazing would you prefer? Clear Glazing offers a clean crisp image but you will see glare,Reflection Control offers a “non glare” quality but the image is not as sharp. As well, both are also offered in a “Conservation” quality which is 97% effective in blocking UV light. We usually recommend this type of glazing because it keeps your colors from fading, keeps your fabric from becoming brittle and protects your art work. Another option would be “museum” glazing, it offers a perfect image with no glare, however, this option does come with a much higher price tag.

  • Is there a special story behind the artwork? The story usually helps us determine how you want the finished piece to look. The story also helps Kevin determine the type of design and carvings he creates for your artwork. Besides all that we love to hear all about your artwork and how you decided to invest that much time into your piece.

  • What price point parameters would you like us to work within? We will e-mail a quote prior to commencing work and start once we get approval. Prices do not include GST nor shipping and handling. We will not have a shipping quote until the work is completed as sizes and weights vary with each piece. We do our absolute best to work within the parameters you state however, size, frame style, number and type of mats etc play a role in the pricing.